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Happy Odd Socks Day 22 November 2017
In which we acknowledge the mystery of life and the preciousness of moments.

Happy Odd Socks Day, November 22nd 2015,
Honouring Maeve Coughlan and the Flying Cat Ambulance Brigade from Planet Creature, as they do good deeds and get up to mischief xxx

Our hearts go to those who suffer
To those who grieve, to those in pain, to those in violent and abusive relationships, to those who live in fear, to those who have lost their way, to those burdened and frozen by guilt, remorse, hatred or confusion, we wish for you a chink of light, a refreshing drink, birdsong.

Sushi Bar Maeve
This animation was prepared for the documentary but didn't fit in. It gives us a good feeling More>>

Thankyou viewers in Israel, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, and Canada
Since the screening of After Maeve internationally in the second half of 2006, we have had more than 70,000 website visits and many very kind messages. Thank you all for opening your hearts...

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